A Slice of Social Media

NY Pie Logo

By Tatiyana Smith and Chaney Carlson-Bullock

NY Pie team is committed to serving great pizza and Italian food, made with our secret recipe dough and a sprinkle of home made sauces, market fresh veggies, and top quality meats.”

A modern Pizza Shop

NY PIE is an up and coming pizza parlor located on a very popular street in Waltham, Mass., on Moody Street. After spending a year undergoing renovation and only being open up for business for three and a half months, with it’s perfect location and friendly owners and employees, the business is booming.

outside view

NY Pie

Owner Nick Bitados has been in the business for 10-plus years and previously worked in his families restaurant for 13 to 15 years. He opened NY Pie not to get rich, but to enjoy it. He has four employees and they average about 200 customers a day. On Monday thru Thursday they average a minimum of 2,000 orders. Although located in the vicinity of many college campuses, NY Pie doesn’t specifically target this demographic. They like to focus on every customer to make him or her happy“I don’t rate my success, when you do that you forget your goals. Always treat every customer likes it’s my last customer, and as long as they’re smiling, I’m more than successful,” said Bitados.


NY Pie's owners Nick Bitados and Xeno Sideropoulos

NY pie has hopes to be the community’s local pizza spot, an establishment that you can send your kids to, and talk about in the office, or order from for a family game night.

As a new and booming business, NY Pie is also using the latest tools to reach clients. The business believes social media is necessary. If you’re not in with social media then you are out of touch with society, according to the owner. In the food business, social media can help you or work against you; because it offers a lot of behind the scenes instant honesty about food, customer service, cost, and more.

NY Pie uses multiple forms of online media to promote their brand digitally, including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. In their opinion they gage their involvement with their “fans” via social media pretty well. They try to update occasionally and thank people for their kind words to continue a conversation. Bitados manages NY Pie’s social media on his cell phone, proving that even when busy cooking five minute can make a big difference for social media engagement.

If NY Pie had the opportunity to hire a social media intern, they would have them

  • Monitor the feedback from clients, and figure out the key reason people use it in terms of food businesses, so they can insure they are using the social media outlet correctly and to its full potential
  • Find out if it is beneficial, and which medium is the most effective, to learn how many other business are benefiting from social media
  • Take it to the next level, do what other competitors are not doing on social media

NY Pie believes that if they build their brand online by using social media they can evolve their business, and excel even more.

Social Media Analysis

NY Pie currently has a Twitter and Facebook account that they constantly use for social media.  Their twitter account has 70 followers and they follow 115 users . Their profile has their location and phone number to the restaurant. It also has a short bio stating that the business is family owned and the types of foods they serve.  The company uses this social media service to aware customers of incoming orders and tweet to find new customers for the restaurant.

For example, Bitados tweeted to basketball player Rajon Rondo. Rajon Rondo tweeted, “ back at home, making tacos.” Bitados then tweeted to Rajon saying “ or you can hit up NY Pie (781) 373 1548.” This kind of interaction is good for the business to get its name out and post its information on profiles that have popular views. Bitados also posts different comments about foods that the business serves, giving viewers more insight on the popular type of foods available, occasion posting pictures to show how appetizing it looks.

NY Pie's Twitter Profile

NY Pie has a Facebook account.  The page has the contact information and location of the store, much like Twitter.  They have a few friends who comment on the profile’s wall about the business and about how they like it. Bitados also provides the link to the pizzeria’s website on the Facebook profile for the people to order online.

In addition, NY Pie has a Foursquare account which provides the basic details of location of the restaurant. Foursquare allows people to “check-in” to the business, provide tips to other customers, and receive points on the social network for being there. NY Pie has a total of 116 check ins to date, and six tips.


NY Pie's Foursquare Profile

However, their profiles still lack some information of the restaurant. Neither medium explains the background of the business or provides a menu.  To make their website and profiles better, NY Pie should add this information to give visitors more interest in the product. This could potentially result in getting more customers.

Also, adding the menu or at least the top choices of foods on the website, would give viewers an easier way to see the option or reasons to choose NY Pie instead of other restaurants. It could also lead to catering opportunities.

Across all the social media profiles, the business could also use more photos. On Facebook one picture is shared and it’s the logo for the company. On Twitter, the account has a couple of pictures of pizza in the restaurant. Bitados, should add more pictures to show people the restaurant and the different types of dishes and quality of the food. Since their store is based on a family run business, the pictures could portray that by having family photos on the sites, too. This would make their shop a local staple and allow potential clients to see what they could eat and from whom.

Another aspect they could improve is the number of friends and followers in each social media outlet.  Their Facebook page has 30 “likes”, their Twitter has 115 followers, and their Foursquare has 116 people checked in. They should go in each site to find people who are talking about them and interact with them.  They should also look for any bad comments that may be said on these sites and interact with those critiques to show that they can improve.

When one looks at their pages, there are only a couple of responses as well.  If they were to increase their online interactions with the people, NY Pie would be able to get more notice and replies on social media sites.  Bitados can offer prizes on the business profiles for people who interact with them digitally. This way, customers will choose to view their profiles more in hopes to win. Although not every person will win, this activity it will bring more interaction to their social media pages.

Bitados made the social media profiles and the business website so that he could tell others about the business and what they can offer.  However, the sites do not have many posts or engagement. Even when Bitados uses his cell phone to upload the accounts, the post are not as consistent as they could be. A good way to fix this is by using a service like Hootsuite , which allows accounts to control multiple social profiles, schedule post and tweets, track brand mentions, and analyze social media traffic. Hootsuite will help Bitados business to organize profile posts ahead of time, so that they are steadily published either daily or at least every other day.  This will help Bitados so that he does not need to go on the web every day, even through his mobile, but can still get posts out; showing activity in the accounts.

By providing vast and detailed information and photographs on social media profiles and business websites, locally owned businesses like NY Pie only increase their chances of competing with large chains effectively. Customers want to know what they are getting instantly. If a business can provide that through social media, and supplement this with quality products and great customer service in person, then customers will be pleased and remain loyal. In this digital age, it is important to use any tools necessary to stand out, build, and retain a customer base. And, when all these social media tools are free and accessible through laptops, desktops, or cell phones, why not take advantage of them?


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