Cyber Monday

By Michelle Burke

Attention Lasell College Students: If you did not get all of your holiday shopping done in the crazy early-morning lines on Black Friday, you have nothing to worry about. This Monday, November 28th, is Cyber Monday. All of the Black Friday deals are now available to you online, making shopping at home cheaper and easier than ever. Store websites will apply lower prices and discounts starting at midnight on Monday. Some deals are extensions of Black Friday, while others are exclusive to online shoppers.

Since Cyber Monday began as a new holiday tradition six years ago, the average sales have rose to over one billion dollars. Online shopping is a new trend that keeps on rising, mainly for adults ages 18-24. While Cyber Monday was created with the intentions to benefit holiday shoppers, there are some downfalls. Because the shopping discounts occur on a weekday, many buyers are purchasing items online while at work, becoming a huge distraction for the workplace. According to a pole in 2010, 70% of online shoppers completed their holiday shopping lists while at work. Use the online discounts to your advantage, but be sure to do it on your own time!

Click here to check out this years top holiday discounts for Cyber Monday.


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