Holiday On A Budget

By Katelyn Cross

Holiday season gift giving can be scary for those on a college budget. No need to worry Lasellians, here is a short list to help those who are strapped for cash this time of year.

1. PLAN AHEAD! If you know what you want to buy before you head to the mall, it makes it much easier to focus on where you need to go.

2. Make a list. This goes along with number 1. Write out exactly what you are getting each person. This way you can check out what you already have.

3. Research. Shop online to get an idea of how much things will cost. If you add approximate prices to your list you can figure out about how much you will need.

 4. Pick a theme. If you can pick a central gift theme that applies to all, it can help narrow down what to buy. It can also be extremely helpful if you can get all of these themed gifts in one place!
– For winter sports lovers, try gifts like new hats, gloves or headphones that won’t fall out on the slopes! Try these from The North Face, only $25.
– For girly girls try makeup baskets, spa day baskets with things like nail polish, facial masks and massage oils, or pick up a few jewelry pieces and a crafty way to display them: Like this from UrbanOutfitters, for only $24!
– For foodies, try cooking classes or gourmet meal prep gifts like sauces or meat rubs and boxes of fun shaped pasta!

5. When in doubt, GIFT CARD! If you really can’t think of anything to get your family, friends and significant other, find out their favorite place to shop and get them a gift card. You can’t go wrong when they get to pick out exactly what they want!

Gift giving doesn’t have to drain your wallet. If you plan ahead and set a limit you’ll be able to buy great gifts and still have some leftover cash!


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