HubSpot, a social media Q & A

By Paige Seavey and Kate-lyn Eadie

Social media has become more than a fun way to connect for everyday people. It has become a major way for companies connect to and get more customers or “followers.” Social media is a norm, there is no doubt about it, and it is going to continue to grow especially with companies such as Hubspot.

HubSpot was founded in June of 2006 by Brain Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The two met while attending MIT and discovered that they were both interested in transforming the impact that the Internet can have on small businesses. HubSpot, based in Boston, Mass., provides a interactive marketing application button to small businesses enabling them to be found by more prospective customers looking in their niche. This interactive button is located within each companies website. HubSpot also, analyzes the results of each customer’s search therefore, providing each business with the target audience that is right for them.

We decided to work with HubSpot for our final project because it is a company that enables many small businesses that otherwise you would not know of be “found” online by their target audiences.

HubSpot is always using social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, to help businesses obtain more customers across all platforms. They clearly know how to communicate with these customers too, since they reach more than one million people through social media.

Rob Battaglia

We interviewed Rob Battaglia, senior Enterprise account executive at HubSpot. He uses social media every day, and also knows the ins and outs about it purpose at the company.

Q: How often do you use social media for work?

A: HubSpot uses social media every single day in a variety of ways and it is a main contributor on how we drive so much traffic to our website every month.  According to Alexa, we are the 640th most visited website on the entire Internet, which is incredible for being a 5 yr old B2B software company.  The marketing team at HubSpot tweets dozens of times every day, writes up to 7 new blog articles every day, posts to LinkedIn and Facebook several times every day, and regularly has the most viewed PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare every week.  HubSpot has also won several awards in social media marketing.

Q: Do you use social media for promotions at all?

A: Yes, of course.  We have done promotions from marketing book giveaways, to giving out “free unicorns”, and many other things that are unique and different.  Companies should avoid doing lots of promotions like “win a free ipad” or “get a $50 gift card if you follow us”.

Q: Are there restrictions when you use social media for HubSpot?

A: HubSpot’s social media policy is actually based on using “common knowledge”, but all employees are expected to post, comment, interact, and promote discussions, within each social platform to potential consumers and also their followers.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using social media for your company?

A: To attract and generate more qualified leads and customers.  Our software allows companies to measure ROI (which means) from all of their Internet marketing activities to build out a profile of their customers, to understand what marketing communications and campaigns generate the best leads and customers.

Q: Are there any disadvantages when using social media?

A: Yes , not doing any at all.  Social media is more than brand awareness, it also affects search engine results.  Whether you are B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), companies must be getting involved or risk losing significant market share.

Q: What are the top social media sites you use?

A: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Slideshare, YouTube, Google+, Quora, Klout

HubSpot's twitter Feed

Q:  How many customers does your company have?

A: 5,500 and growing.

Q: Roughly how many people do you reach through social media?

A: HubSpot’s total reach is approximately 1,050,000-plus.  We have 41,000 Facebook fans and heres a video on how you can increase your followers, 135,000 Twitter Followers, 2,800 YouTube subscribers, 40,000 Blog subscribers, and have generated 850,000 organic leads through our own website from prospects who have found us by inbound marketing.

Q:  When you have interns at HubSpot, what do they do? Do they ever use social media for the company at all?

A: Yes. We have interns in all divisions of the company. Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Finance, etc. Our marketing team interns get to write blog articles, post tweets.

Q:  Do you use any engines such as Hootsuite to manage your social media?

A: I use Hootsuite for my personal social media accounts. HubSpot’s social media application is very similar to Hootsuite. However, we don’t just monitor the conversations we track them until that person becomes a customer. You can learn how to manage your social media too, through one of our videos.

To conclude, HubSpot is a software company that targets small businesses to provide marketing applications that will allow each company to be “found” more often online by their target consumers. By using the HubSpot software the company increases their amount of customers and broadens their consumer base by reaching customers they would be unable to obtain without this application.

HubSpot, is very aware of the importance of using social media. They use social media everyday to promote their products, update their customers on news within the company, show up coming promotions and to interact with their audience to find out their opinions on the company. They use social media engines such as, Facebook and Twitter along with other engines like Slideshare, YouTube, Google +, Quora, Klout and Blogs. By using these sites it allows HubSpot to not only reach more potential customers online but also interact with them on a more personal level.

Like HubSpot, several other companies are turning to social media to increase their customer base and connect with consumers like never before. For this reason social media is important. Knowing how to use these tools also ensures that young professionals will bring companies into a new era of connectivity. Therefore, in order to be a successful company nowadays you must use social media.


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