Lasell College Athletic Department

By Matt Arias

Unfortunately, some stereotypes are true.  The stereotype that most college kids are broke, buried in loans and desperate for cash is definitely true.  Thankfully, however, Lasell College offers work study, just as most other schools do.  Most students who matriculate here are granted some type of financial aid, and work study usually comes with that.  I myself do indeed have work study here at Lasell, and I am currently employed at the Lasell College Athletic Department.  My job title is a “Sports Information Statistician” and I receive a dollar more an hour than I did last year when I just worked as an “Event Staff.”

Schedules are assigned to employees on a first-come first-serve basis.  An e-mail is sent out by the Athletic Director Kristy Walter that lists the upcoming games pertaining to the next week or two, and the first certain number of people to e-mail their availability back to Kristy will be put on the schedule.  Before each game, there is what we call “Setup”, which usually requires three or four employees to arrive an hour or so before everyone else in order to set up the DJ table, speakers, scoreboard, and other game-necessary features.  The scheduling is flexible as well, as it is possible to only work the setup and not work the game itself, and vice-a-versa.

Working at the LCAD involves performing different tasks depending on what your job title is.  For example, event staff usually do things such as sell tickets at the door, operate the DJ table, film the games, serve as the ball person, serve as the line judge, and operate the scoreboard.  Sports information statisticians do not leave the scoring table, and usually keep track of the stats using a live-stats system on the computer, operate the scoreboard, and even assist in managing the game.  Employees who work as a sports information statistician tend to make more money than regular event staff due to the strong similarities of the job to the sport management major.

Overall, this is a great job.  You get to pick your own schedule, you get to watch sports, and there are plenty of opportunities to work almost every week.  “Yeah, I mean I love it,” said sophomore Carlo Bon Tempo, a sports management major.  “I’m glad I looked into it and got it this year and it closely relates to what I want to be in life.”

Anyone interested in employment at the Lasell College Athletic Department should contact the Athletic Director, Kristy Walter, via e-mail or telephone.


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