Social Media is Everywhere

By Matt Arias

In taking a social media class this semester entitled “The Use of Social Media” here at beautiful Lasell College, I learned a lot about social media.  Most of this information I did not know before enrolling in this class, and the course really opened my eyes to social media as a whole.  Going into the class, I honestly was a bit skeptical about what I would take from the class, as I was unaware of just how significant social media is in the world we live in today.  I was familiar with Facebook and Twitter, of course, but it was unbeknown to me that there are plenty of other social media sites that are rapidly gaining popularity and attention.  Through this course, I learned not only how to use these newly discovered sites properly, but also how to further establish a name for myself on the internet, or my “online brand.”

I think learning to establish an effective online brand was the most important lesson I learned in this course.  With today’s economy, it’s vital to become known to the working world, especially right out of college.  This course, through guest speakers and class examples, has taught me how to effectively put myself out there using social media.  For example, using Twitter to jump on any question I see that is posted by somebody I follow (preferably someone who has a lot of followers) and allowing people to notice me.  I also learned that LinkedIn is an awesome tool to present yourself professionally and to showboat a solid resume.

Social media is truly everywhere.  The internet has brought an endless amount of fantastic tools, with social media being just one of them.  When Facebook started out, few thought it would escalate to the level it’s at today, and fewer would have thought it would start a social media trend that has all but taken over the internet.  I’m grateful for so many sites and so many ways to make myself popular on the Internet, and hopefully it will remain an effective tool for a long, long time.


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