Stop Online Piracy, or Privacy?


By Michelle Burke

The current “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA), needs to be supported in order to protect any online privacy that we as Lasell College students, and Americans, have left. The bill that was proposed to congress on November 16th suggests that the American Government will have the right to censor any website a person visits, and any content a person writes, posts, or reads. This includes the government being allowed to remove any statuses Americans post on Facebook, and remove any tweets from Twitter. They can also block Americans from visiting any website that they decide is too controversial, making the site and innocent people that posted on it guilty.

If the new bill is passed, American’s will have to greatly consider the amount of self-censorship they have on what they put online. The sites that are at the greatest risk for privacy invasion include, but are not limited to, Facebook, AIM Messenger, and Twitter.

Why you should care: The passing of the bill is not far from possible, because the bills in the process of being passed is strongly backed by the American government and congressional support. If the government can monitor anything you say or do online, all privacy is lost. Favorite websites that you visit daily could be blocked. Email providers would have to censor certain links you send and receive, making personal messages far from private. The online piracy act needs to be stopped in order to keep our freedom rights.


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