Time for Something Sweet

By Kate-Lyn Eadie

Winter break is quickly approaching. Everyone is going to be going home for the holidays so they can get some presents and eat some real food. But wouldn’t it be nice if you went home with a little something for your family when you walked through the door?

I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking with my boyfriend recently, and we found either we’re really good at it, or the recipes are reasonably easy. We give some of the sweet little treats to both of our families and they love them!

All the recipes we find are simple, easy to follow, and we could do on our own. Now, who’s to say you can’t make some special little treats for your family for when you go home on break? We made a list of things, but my favorite are the Turtles. So yummy!

The turtles are the easiest to make. All you need are caramel squares, pecans, and some chocolate to melt (we melted Hershey’s Kisses). Put as many caramel squares on a cookie sheet as you want. After that start cutting some pecans in to fours for the legs, and some in half for the head. Stick the legs and heads into the squares and then melt your chocolate. The only thing left to do now are to cover the squares in chocolate and put the sheet in the fridge (or even my a window if it’s cool enough out) so the chocolate can harden.

That all there is to it. Your family is sure to love them. And even if you are allergic to peanuts or have someone in your family who is, you can always substitute out the pecans for a different, but still yummy treat!

If you want more instruction on how to make these little guys, you can check out more here.


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