2012 Superbowl: bring the commercials!

By Abbey Daniel-Green
One of the most exciting parts of the Super Bowl, beside the parties, are the commercials. The ad world was in greater competition this year when it came to purchasing ad spots. A 30 second spot went for an average of about 3.4 million dollars, so the commercials should be ones for the books. What to expect from this year’s commercials: men without shirts, dogs being funny, hot women, catchy classic musical jams, fast cars, and oddly enough Mathew Broderick.

Many companies have released sneak peeks of ads that will play during the big game. These companies include Audi, Honda, Doritos, Coke Cola and many more familiar Super Bowl brands- as well as some new ones.

New to the Super Bowl scene a commercial to watch for is belVita, a breakfast biscuit company, with their very creative “Breakfast Police” commercial. The commercial features two cops in a crime free town. The ridiculous issues the duo deals with are sure to cause lots of laughs.

Another ad to watch for is Super Bowl spot veteran, Doritos. This year Doritos had their Crash the Super Bowl Contest, where fans create the commercials and five finalist where chosen. Interestingly enough the winners of the contest get a hefty money prize and get the chance to work with Andy Sandburg and the Lonely Island. Check the winners here.  This year’s finalist for Doritos include ad spots entitled, “Bird of Prey,” “Sling Baby,” “Hot Wild Girls,” “Dog Park,” and “Man’s Best Friend.” With all these hilarious choices Doritos will definitely be a contender that you will not want to miss.

A corny commercial to miss would have to be Audi’s Twilight inspired “Vampire Party,” a sneak peak found this blog’s photo above. If you find yourself in need of a new drink or a bathroom break, don’t worry if you miss this ad. With extra long vampire fangs and a cheesed up version of a Twilight movie, Audi over did it with this commercial. After watching the sneak peak, I thought it missed the mark.  Overall, it should be another great year for ads and companies.


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