Welcome HTML5


By Amanda Tyler

There is always something new to learn when it comes to Web Design and the Internet. The most recent changes are relatively large. Many people in the industry have said the death of Adobe Flash is coming sooner than we think because of the new HTML5 technology.

HTML5 has the codes to create video and audio, instead of needing a plug in. This means that HTML5 will be used on any new Internet browser as well as cell phone browsers or tablet browsers. There will be no discrimination of what medium or technology you are using.

The only downfall is since it is a new technology it won’t work on older browsers. If you are curious to see if your browser supports HTML5 or if your browser is too old, there are sites that test your browser to see if it will support the new technology.

The life cycle of mediums are based off of the consumers needs. There comes a point in a mediums life cycle where it needs to adapt to be successful. The Internet is now adapting for the consumers need of being fast, without needed to install anything and to have audio and video on the go. Many consumers use their phone or tablet for Internet more than an actual computer and that number is supposed to be on the rise. Eventually it is said that cell phones will be the primary medium for Internet use.

If you are wondering what HTML5 looks like there are many sites that have examples and that already incorporate this new technology. Take a peak at what the Internet world will be coming to in a matter of years.


One Comment on “Welcome HTML5”

  1. “The only downfall is since it is a new technology it won’t work on older browsers.”
    Agree that this is quite a challenge. The good news is that there are tools out there that help you bridge this gap. Modernizr, for example is doing the following: http://modernizr.com
    “Taking advantage of the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 can mean sacrificing control over the experience in older browsers. Modernizr 2 is your starting point for making the best websites and applications that work exactly right no matter what browser or device your visitors use.”

    If you’re looking beyond Web site design, more into communication, WebSocket is the technology to check out. And the good news is that you can make it work on older browsers as well: http://blog.kaazing.com/2011/11/17/the-industrys-best-websocket-emulation-real-time-web-apps-for-all-your-customers-even-if-theyre-on-ie6/

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