Basketball Senior Days at Lasell College

By Will Henry

Last Monday evening at 7p.m.,  Senior Day took place for the women’s basketball team and on Tuesday evening at 7p.m., for the men’s basketball team.

Senior Day is important for the school’s sport’s teams because it is on those days that we recognize the seniors that play for both of the teams. The men’s team will have two of their players recognized while the women’s team will have three. Nate Disessa (No. 21) and Javon Williams (No. 32) will be noticed for the hard work and dedication that they have displayed all season with Disessa running the court as the Point Guard and Williams as the Power Forward. Williams has played all four years of his eligibility at Lasell while Disessa has spent one-and-half years here at Lasell.

For the  women’s team, the three players will be recognized are Kelsey Converse (No. 4), Kara Hinthorne (No. 23), and Joanna Bishop (No. 24). Bishop has played all four of her college years here at Lasell. She has been a mainstay in the starting lineup this season providing veteran leadership and a defensive presence on the court. Hinthorne, who has also played at Lasell for four years, has mainly come off the bench but has added a scoring punch and leadership when needed. Converse has both started and come off the bench for Lasell this season but provides the same kind of presence as Hinthorne while on the court.

For more information, read up about these athletes at


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