Get in Shape for Spring Break

By Lindsey Jones

Ready to get in shape for spring break? Then look no further than the group classes offered on the Lasell College campus. The classes offered on Monday and Tuesday nights include Zumba and Abs. Classes promise to make you sweat, laugh and maybe leave you a little sore, but the results are worth it. Get ready to shake off your winter funk and snap back into your summer worthy body.

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout that blends international music with top-40 hits. It is often called a “dance party” because of its fun dance atmosphere. Even thought it can be referred to as a party, it involves hard work. The dance moves can be a bit challenging and confusing to beginners, but instructors are helpful and always make sure that participants have a great time. Created in the mid 90’s, Zumba has become a large business catering to all types of people willing to get in shape while having fun.  To learn more about classes you can visit the website here.

Abs class is another way to snap your body back into shape. The toning class involves intense moves that challenge the body in order to tone in the most effective way possible. Workouts include regular crunches, plank exercises, and more gut busting challenging moves. Freshman Sarah Buckley, 18, said, “the abs class was challenging, but fun. We work really hard, but it is so worth it. Even though there is a chance of being sore after, abs class is definitely something to try.”

Both of these classes are an hour long and held in the dance studio. Abs class starts at 6 p.m. and  Zumba begins at 7 p.m. It is recommended to show up to classes 10 minutes early, because they always start on time. For more information about the two classes you can visit their facebook page.  If you’re feeling a little intimidated about going, bring friends. The experience is much more rewarding if you commit to having a good time, even if you feel a little silly.  Step up to the challenge these classes present, commit to go every week,  and in no time you’ll be saying hello to the new you.


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