Valentine’s Day The College Way

By Molly Clarke

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, college students everywhere are busy making plans and purchasing last-minute gifts.  In the past, Valentine’s Day has been considered a holiday strictly for couples.  However, it seems as if more and more singles are joining the fun as well.

A senior at Lasell College who wishes to remain anonymous said that, “Valentine’s Day is about love. Just because I may not have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate.” She continued, “I love my friends. I love my family. And I even love myself. So why not go out for a nice dinner with the people who care about me?”

Whether you are spending February 14 with friends or a significant other, there is one thing many college students are forced to keep in mind: A tight budget. The token restaurant dinners, flowers, and chocolates that are exchanged on Valentine’s Day may not be realistic for a college student to splurge on. Here are some alternate ideas that will be sure to please your valentine and your wallet:

Find a free event– Most cities and college campuses have Valentine’s Day events put on by community groups for little to no money.  Whether you take in an art exhibit at a local museum or attend a concert put on by a musical group at your own school, you will be able to appreciate a change of scenery or do something new.

Explore- Students at Lasell are only a short T ride away from Boston and yet many of us don’t take advantage of this. Instead of going to a movie, bundle up and take a trip into the city. Walk around, window shop, and discover places you’d like to go. You’ll get to enjoy quality time with your significant other or friends and explore Boston at the same time.

Celebrate Early or Late– Celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 13th or even the 15th of February is a sure way to save money. You’ll not only steer clear of the crowds, but you’ll also avoid the inflated prices that often accompany Valentine’s Day dates.

Skip Dinner– Instead of ordering a full meal, take your Valentine out for dessert. This way, you’ll save money and miss the dinner time rush.


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