Bad Apple

By Alicia Deily

What would you do if the company that makes your favorite products was using unethical manufacturing methods? What if using your favorite products could mean that a factory worker in China was suffering, with little pay and terrible living conditions? Would this cause you to stop purchasing the product? These are tough questions to ask because the company in question may be the producer of some of your most-used gadgets.

A recent investigation by the New York Times revealed some of the horrific conditions that factory workers in China are subjected to when manufacturing Apple products. This report shed light specifically on Foxconn, a key Apple supplier. The news has caused petitions and protests around the country in Apple retail stores.

Most Lasell students own at least one Apple product, whether it is an iPod, an iMac or an iPhone. These recent developments bring up some important ethical questions for all of us. Are we willing to sacrifice cheaper goods or convenience for ethically made products?

Since the report came out, it seems that Apple is working to improve these factory conditions and be more transparent about their manufacturing process. However, it is still important to be aware of this issue, not just with Apple but with other companies that we purchase from.


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