Go! Abroad

By Shay Sweet     

An experience that is heavily endorsed throughout the Lasell community, as well as any college or university, would be the opportunity to study or do an internship abroad.  It gives students the chance to reach beyond the comfort of their everyday lives and experience different cultures, stretching their knowledge both academically and socially.  Lasell offers over 130 programs in nearly 35 countries, helping cater to the desires of the individual traveling.

You can travel to Australia and surf on the Gold Coast, see the picturesque landscaping of Ireland or go off on a Roman adventure.  Meghan Peters, 21, a Lasell College junior said she, “learned so much about myself and where I want to go in life.  Deciding to go to London was the best decision I ever made and anyone who would pass up this opportunity would be crazy.”

Study Abroad

One program that is particularly popular and was created by the Lasell Communications Department Chair, Janice Barett, is the Boston University Study Abroad Program, that is interconnected with Lasell. It combines the opportunity to take courses offered in a foreign country while also getting to indulge in a professional internship related to the student’s major.

For example, someone who may want to enter the marketing field could get the chance to work for an actual firm; or a person who may like to enter politics could work for The Department of Foreign Affairs.  This helps students gain real world experience while expanding their network for a future career.  This program is offered in major cities Such as Dublin, Paris and London.

The March 2nd deadline for the Study Abroad application is quickly approaching. Both undergraduates and graduates alike are encouraged to consider applying.  Although going abroad your junior year is standard for these programs, it is never too early to start planning by going to Lasells study abroad homepage or contacting your adviser for more advice.


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