It’s All About Making Connections

By Anthony Liberatore

Networking is a skill that all college students should strive to master.  It doesn’t matter what career path you’re planning to go into, it’s all about making connections.  You never know, you may meet an individual who can help you get the job of your dreams.  Lasell College has recently started a new program called Life After Lasell.   This program focuses on providing students with information on networking, interviewing, and many other skills related to becoming successful after graduation.

On Wednesday, Life After Lasell and Career Services brought alumni back to campus to network with current students.

The event was great.  There were over 20 alumni in attendance with professional experience, spanning from the Better Business Bureau to the New England Patriots.  I made it a point to network with numerous individuals such as Matt Stambler, a Hospitality and Event Management major from the class of 2009.

Stambler now works as the director of sales and marketing for the Bulfinch Hotel in Boston.  I asked him numerous questions about his job and he was able to provide a lot of insight about working in the world of sales and marketing.

Overall,  the event was organized very well and students enjoyed themselves.  Before I left I briefly spoke with a senior in Lasell’s Marketing and Management program, Jonathan Klippert.

“I actually met some people who may be able to help me get a job someday,” Klippert, said.

Life After Lasell and the Career Services department put together a great event that helped interested students make useful connections.


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