Style on a Budget

By Cherai Mills

Do you love to accessorize but are on a tight budget? Do you want to stand out among the students at Lasell? Then look no further. Shana Cohen, a 22-year old from Massachusetts and a graduate of Framingham State has been making unique jewelry made from buttons, bottle caps, safety pins, LEGO, game pieces, eyeglass lenses and more since December 2005.

Her business Made With Love Jewelry has grown over the years and has attracted some loyal fans like myself. If you are looking for something extra special and unique, you can have any picture you like put onto a guitar pick and turned into a bracelet or necklace. This is just one of the many unusual pieces you can purchase from her Etsy shop.

The Beatles Guitar Pick Bracelet

With prices being between $2 and $25, Cohen ’s jewelry is affordable for any college student. You can make any outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary with one of her pieces. With her jewelry Cohen hopes to, “bring fun and uniqueness to the outfit you choose to wear and smiles to faces when people see my pieces on you.”

Looking for free or discounted jewelry? Check out Cohen ’s Facebook page as well, Made With Love Jewelry, where she does many auctions and giveaways. Hosting a jewelry party can earn you free jewelry as well. Just gather a group of your friends, if five or more people buy something you will receive a free gift of your choice depending on how much is purchased.

If you see something you like on the Made With Love Facebook page or want to host a jewelry party feel free to email Cohen at for more information. Ms. Cohen is one young adult that is making a big difference in the small world.


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