Super Bowl Loss = Riots

Cops in riot gear prepare to take down rioters

By Ryan Scerra

The rematch of the century between rival teams New England Patriots and New York Giants took an unfortunate turn in the closing minutes. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw scored the game winning touchdown for the Giants with only about a minute to left int he game. Little did anyone know that this loss would cause an uproar at the well known University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst campus.

Reports say that following the game, thousands of students rushed to the main residential area where they chanted: “USA” and “[Explicit] the Giants”.  The police were called in when the mob reached an outstanding number of around 1,500. Reports indicated that fireworks were being shot off and several fights had broken out as well.

In addition, 14 students were reported to have been arrested due to failing to disperse. Fortunately, there were no reports of any injuries.

“People knew there was going to be a riot as soon as they made it into the Super Bowl,” said UMass sophmore Jordan Liff, 19, as reported by here

This makes one question UMass’s concern with student safety. Just last year, another riot had broken out at UMass following the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden. For both of these riots it took riot police around an hour to show up. When the students already know that riots are about to break out shouldn’t the school administration know as well? Maybe UMass needs to hire a better campus police team or enforce stricter rules involving rioting on campus.

A funny bit of irony in this story is that New York Giants star, Victor Cruz, attended UMass-Amherst. Cruz also scored the first touchdown of the game leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of UMass students around campus.

You can watch a short video of the police dispersing the crowd with flashbang grenades here. Hopefully the Patriots will get their revenge next year and UMass students will be rioting in joy, not sorrow.


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