Valentines Day at Lasell

By Will Henry

Love wass in the air today at Lasell. That’s right people Valentine’s Day  arrived on campus and the love fest took over.

Over the years, I have seen multiple ways on how this holiday is handled around the college, both from the student and school’s point of view. Two years ago, the school had a special section in the Lasell College Newspaper, the 1851 Chronicle, where they asked a select number of students ahead of time for quotes about ways in which they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Many students go out and get  a special or sweet gift for the one they like or love so much, whether it be in the form of a fancy card, a box of chocolates, or a gift of larger proportions like jewelry. My roommate, Brian Roach, went a different route from all of those options and got his girlfriend, who lives off campus, a special gift that he hand picked himself.

“I got her a puzzle that when you put all the pieces together it spells out a romantic phrase,” Roach said. “She’s very content with getting such a gift and doesn’t mind that it’s not a fancy present.”

 For those still searching for that special gift for that special, if not, lovely person, there are ways to get him or her a gift…even if Valentine’s day has passed. The Campus Shuttle can take you to CVS, check the schedule ahead of time to plan your visit. If you want to go beyond candy, however, here is a very nice website that has many different gift ideas for you to choose from. Click on the romantic gifts tab down below and you will be able to see what they have to offer. 


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