Attention Honors Students

By Justyn Loguidice

The time for components is upon us again, and the stress associated with another project commences as well. I am writing today to give you valuable insight into making your honors components meaningful and to assure you will not succumb to the stress caused by them.

First words of advice: Do not wait until the last minute.
Procrastination is a root cause of stress, so stay away from it. Once you have an idea in place, get going with it. Your brain is fresh and ideas are strong, take advantage of that. Putting your component off until the last minute causes chaos. You are trying to combat final preparations along with writing an honors component, a deadly combination. If you take anything from this post, it should be to stay away from procrastination.

Second piece of advice: Visit the Academic Achievement Center here at Lasell.
The AAC is there for us students to use. Some of our tuition money goes directly into this program and it is underused. If you are having troubles on where to start or how to format a paper correctly, they have all the answers. It is a valuable tool for the students of the college. For more specific information as it pertains to the AAC, check out their website.

Final piece of advice: Get something out of it.
If you tend to look at your component as just another project, you will get no enjoyment out of it. What many people fail to realize is that the honors program and the components associated with it add value to our learning experience here at Lasell. If you are able to design a component that gives you a sense of satisfaction in a learning area you are interested in, that is half the battle. To see the worth in something is truly beneficial, so take a deep look into what you want to learn and go with it.

Following these steps will not only make components are easier, but maybe you’ll actually learn something from the extra work that is done… and you will see the value that the honors program brings to its members.

For additional information on the program at Lasell, check it out here.


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