The Virtual Bulletin Board

Pinterest Logo

By Amanda Tyler

A relatively new website is making a big impact on the world of social media. Pinterest, (interest with a P) is a virtual pin board. I like to think of it as having an unlimited number of bulletin boards, each board has a different category, such as, cars, recipes, photographs, do-it-yourself projects, etc. When you find something you like you can pin it on the bulletin board of your choice. These are some fun facts about the growth and success of Pinterest, just from the past few months of its existence.

*Pinterest has made a lot of communication news lately because of its rapid increase in unique users, and the amount of users that land on a company’s webpage using Pinterest as transportation.

*From personal experience, Pinterest is addicting. I can spend hours on Pinterest, just like many people can on Facebook.

*Pinterest is also in the process of getting even more attention because of Facebook’s Timeline. Timeline is going to use actions, in addition to likes, incorporated by using 60 new lifestyle apps, which include Pinterest. If you connect Pinterest to your Facebook account, you can automatically share your pins on Facebook as a status. An example of this would be, “Rachel just pinned to cute”. Mike Zuckerburg, Facebook’s CEO, even joined the pinning craze.

Pinterest Post on Facebook

Find a friend already using the site, or ask the site itself for an invite to join the fun. These are some simple steps to setting up an account and getting ready to view others interests and pin, like, or comment on your follower’s boards.


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