“Awake” unlike other dramas

By Bryan White

The new cop drama ‘Awake‘  came out two weeks before its television premiere, and it’s not like its counter parts that have been around the block. Awake stars Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, Dylan Minnette  and Wilmer Valderrama.

The plot of the show is that Michael Britten (Isaacs) is a detective who recently got into a car accident with his wife and 15-year old son. After the accident Michael moves back and forth in between two different realities, one in which his wife and him survived the accident and one where his son and him survived the accident.

In each reality he is seeing a psychologist and both are telling him that the reality he is in is real and the other is a dream. He distinguishes whether he is with his wife or son by wearing different color bracelets in those realities, for his wife he has on a red bracelet and when he is with his son he has a blue one.

The show makes you wonder if the character is completely insane or not, the other factor of this show is that Michael is a detective.  He lives in two different realities and in both he comes into play with his police work. Clues from one reality might help him find something out for the other, in a way everything is connected like an alternative realm.

Overall the show makes you think, it’s tough to grasp the story in the first five minutes or so but once you get past that you start picking things up little by little. In the long run, if NBC promotes the show well it shouldn’t have any problems getting a following. This show may have a chance because it has something that other crime dramas haven’t stumbled upon yet: the psychological appeal. They haven’t gotten into peoples heads, until now.


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