Get a Front Row Seat at Burberry’s Fall Show

By Alicia Deily

What was once reserved for high fashion royalty and powerful editors is now accessible to anyone around the world. Thanks to social media anyone can stream Burberry’s A/W 2012 runway show live on Monday, February 20, at 4p.m. GMT through Check out the trailer for the show here.

Anyone following the brand on Facebook or on Twitter can get exclusive sneak peaks and backstage photos, too. Chief creative director Christopher Bailey will even be live and interacting with fans on Facebook. This is a classic example of a brand using social media to directly connect with consumers.

Before the days of the Internet and social media, the public would have to wait to see the new collections. Now everyone can see the latest trends at the same time that the most powerful people in the fashion industry are. Burberry has proven to be extremely digital savvy and this has contributed to the brand being named International Retailer of the Year.

Despite being an amazing opportunity for the public to interact with the brand, the accessibility that social media offers consumers could potentially be problematic. Critics say that for brands that rely on exclusivity, social media can make the brand too accessible and even deteriorate the brands image with their target demographic.

How many of the viewers are actually going to make a purchase from Burberry? How many of these followers are customers and how many are just fans? This is something that Burberry and other high-end brands need to keep in mind as the Internet changes how their brand is viewed. In the meantime, fans or shoppers alike can see what’s coming down the runway together.


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