Jaw-Dropping Performance at the Grammy’s

By Alyssa Lajoie

Every year, The Grammy’s is an anticipated event for everyone to watch.  This past Sunday, February 12, LL Cool J hosted the 54th award show, which was televised on CBS at 8:00 p.m.  With coverage from the red carpet to the actual show itself, the night was jam-packed with celebrities and great performances.

There is no doubt that great artists have been featured or have performed in the show. However, many times people question whether or not they should have won and, or, performed at all.

One performance that fits this description is that of Nicki Minaj. She performed her new single Roman Holiday.  Within the performance she re-enacted the exorcism of her character Roman, and made a bang at the end by “levitating” above the stage. The way this performance was staged was said to be a mockery of the Christian religion and it is safe to say that Minaj  pushed the limits.

On Monday, after the show, she called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and proceeded to explain that the Grammy’s chose the song Roman Holiday fr her to perform.

With Minaj claiming this, it leaves people to wonder. Why didn’t the producers of the Grammy’s stop her then?  In another interview Recording Academy producer Ken Ehrlich told Gayle King on CBS “This Morning” that the producers were aware of Minaj’s “alter-ego” but didn’t want to restrict the artists’ creative freedom.

Where do they draw the line?

Clearly, this performance has caused quite the controversy on what Minaj’s actual message was supposed to be. If there was a message at all. It has offended many people and there is no doubt that Grammy producers couldn’t have anticipated this fiasco.

When will there be restrictions on exactly how “creative” artists are allowed to be?  We may never know.


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