Presentation Skills Tutoring at Lasell

By Anthony Liberatore

Did you know that Lasell College offers presentation skills tutoring in the Academic Achievement Center (AAC)?  I personally didn’t know this until my senior year here at the college, but I’m really glad I found out.  I have always had a knack for public speaking, so I decided to take a speech tutoring seminar as one of my courses during the fall semester of my senior year.  Upon the completion of this seminar I was offered the chance to become an actual presentation skills tutor for the AAC and I jumped at the opportunity.  I currently only tutor from 12:00 – 1:00 pm on Wednesdays, but I’m hoping that at some point I will be able to expand my hours.

The official schedule for the presentation skills tutoring service can be found here.

This particular tutoring service is still in it’s early stages and I would love to see it grow and become more popular around campus.  Since I feel so strongly about what this program could do for students, I have taken on the task of promoting the service around campus.  I’m currently in the process of conducting a campus-wide survey to understand more about how students feel in regards to delivering a presentation to an audience.  The results of this survey will help me identify what students like least about giving presentations, how they prepare for presentations, and whether presentation skills are being taught to them in class, along with  other information.

In the end, I would really like to see the AAC become a place students visit regularly to practice their presentations.  I feel that students should always present in front of another individual before they make a final presentation to an audience.  A student may think as though their presentation sounds fine, but getting someone else’s opinion can help an individual make improvements that really enhance their overall performance.

If you are a Lasell  student who may want some help with an upcoming presentation, feel free to swing by the AAC, located in the lower floor of Brennan Library.


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