Things I Don’t Get

By Zachary Gray

There isn’t a day where I’m not using social media. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, I’m always online checking posts, updating Tweets, or simply procrastinating form homework. But there are some things I truly do not understand about people when it comes to social networking.

Drinking Photos: I understand you’re having a good time or socializing or whatever you want to call it, but what is so attractive about looking at pictures of you drunk? If anything, it makes me not want to be around you. More importantly, if you’re underage and you’re posting photos, you’re being a fool (especially if your profile is public).

Parents on Facebook: There is a reason why I blocked my mother on Facebook, and that is because she doesn’t belong there. If she had a degree in computer programing, or at least knew how to turn on the computer, then I can understand her being online. But it’s simply strange to see my mother online because I honestly have no idea what or who she’s even looking at. I guess I’ll never comprehend it.

Kids online: Okay, this is just wrong. No child should be allowed to have a Twitter, Facebook, or any other type of social media account. First off, it’s dangerous. Kids don’t know what they’re getting themselves into whenever they log on to the Internet. Another thing is kids think they can act “older” online, use adult language, or simply be rude. This video is a great example…

Arguments online: Seriously? Let’s just grow up. Fight your fights face-to-face instead of typing your on keyboard harder or posting in all caps.

Sometimes I think I have the mindset of an old man. I try to keep my friends limited on Facebook (144) and my followers even lower (64). But I like to believe that I’m at least a little more civilized than some other individuals online.


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