Vegans like it rough… or at least that’s what PETA is saying

By Abbey Daniel-Green

Just in time for Valentine’s Day last week, the animal rights organization PETA released a new commercial. The spot features a young woman who suffers from what PETA is calling, “BWAKTBOOM or Boyfriend Went Vegan And Knocked The Oottom Out Of Me.” At first glance one is presented with the image of a beat up women wearing a next brace and a coat with no pants on.

The ad is blatantly sexualized with the concept of boyfriends who turn vegan they have intercourse that is so incredible their girlfriend’s butts will come off because of it. The commercial serves to say that vegan boyfriends will have their girlfriends coming back for more even though they get beat up in the process…If you are thinking this spot is weird, it is about to get even weirder.

PETA has gone as far as making a website for their BWAKTBOOM concept. The site features a warning label at the top of the home page that reads, “Warning going vegan may cause BWAKTBOOM.”   The webpage is full of ridiculous information such as made up stories from people “suffering” with BWAKTBOOM, and fictional tips for being safe during the “mind-blowing intercourse” you will receive from your vegan boyfriend. On the whole, the page is full of humorous and fictional material. There is even a “go vegan” tab on the site that leads you to a sign up for a kit that can guide you through your BWVAKTBOOM life changing experience.

Personally, I think PETA is going a little too far and by saying a little too far I really mean PETA should really rethink how they are portraying women in this commercial. I can recognize that PETA is trying to send an important message about the healthy effects veganism can produce in a person. Although there this is an important message to be heard, I believe that the real message is getting lost within all the outrageous and sexed up ideas it is surrounded by.  Has PETA really gone too far? The comments on PETA ‘s Facebook page will definitely be the judge of that.


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