Spring break in the real world?

By Justyn Loguidice

Less than three weeks until one of the best times of the year- spring break. Spring break is a nice week-long vacation that we as a body of students are captivated by. Whether you are planning an exotic trip, or just spending a week back home with family and friends, this time is truly relaxing and special. However, enjoy it while you can because this college life isn’t what you can expect in the real world.

Four months off every summer, long weekends profound, is the life of a student really as hard as we make it? Speaking from my perspective I’d say we have our arguments, but so does the other side. The real world for me is quickly approaching, and my days of spring breaks and summer vacations are outnumbered. Name me a place that offers four month vacations and I’ll name you a place that doesn’t exist.

We as college students don’t have it easy, as most of us juggle school workloads along with part or even full time jobs. This, however, is oftentimes exaggerated because we have more free time now than we will when we start a career, a family, or both. I don’t write this to be the bearer of bad news and be a “Debbie Downer”, but the facts are the facts and the real world for some college students is going to hit like a ton of bricks.

My advice is to prepare yourself for it, really cherish the time that you have off because it comes to an end for most once the diploma is handed out.  In an article talking about recent college graduates, you find out that many of them are stunned at how different their lives are after college is complete. A former Yale student Geo Wyeth, 27, gave a strong piece of advice which I feel epitomizes my thoughts, “You have to make opportunities happen for yourself… it’s like setting up your own lemonade stand”.  Overall this message and others in the article were quite beneficial.

Whether you believe it or not, time is flying by and we cannot just sit back and smell the roses. We must be able to adapt to the changing environments and combat whatever is thrown at us. Here is a great list of the hard truths we must face as college students in the real world, be sure so check it out because it is really interesting to get different perspectives on an issue that all of us will face sooner or later. Enjoy the college years, but don’t forget what is looming.


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