“Totes Amazeballs” The Tweet that created a cereal

By Abbey Daniel-Green

One day in the twitter-sphere, The Charlatans UK frontman, Tim Burgess, tweeted jokingly that he wanted to make a cereal called “Totes Amazeballs.” The tweet made it seem as though he was tweeting at Kellogg’s. Well, the joke is now turning into a reality.

Soon after Burgess tweeted about his comedic cereal, Kellogg’s approached the UK rocker about his idea; they wanted to make “Totes Amazeballs”. In a conversation between Burgess and NME.com he said, “They [Kellogg’s] picked up what I’d said. It was just something that was funny and it just kept moving.”

Kellogg’s in collaboration with Burgess have created “Totes Amazeballs” breakfast cereal.

Burgess came up with the idea for the cereal because, “People have started to use that expression [totes amazeballs] and it kind of gets up people’s noses, but it sounded to me like something Willy Wonka would come up with.” In case you are wondering about the expression “totes amazeballs,” it stands as an abbreviated and cooler, funnier way to say something is “totally amazing.” So we can understand that saying “totes amazeballs” is a pretty awesome way of being amazed by something, but the real question is will the cereal really be totes amazeballs?

According to Burgess “Totes Amazeballs” will taste like ‘Rocky Road’ ice cream, but a cereal, with the nutrition inside to get your body going. Currently Kellogg’s has the cereal in production but is going over ideas to create a wide launch. Due to Burgess’s rocker status, the cereal will first start off in the festival scene and will be offered as a hangover cure. If the cereal sounds good now, it gets even better because every box of “Totes Amazeballs” comes with a Tim Peaks mini-comic book inside the box.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on “Totes Amazeballs” the cereal will be officially launched at Kendal Calling festival in the UK this summer. At the festival the “Tim Peaks” diner will serve it and all the proceeds from Burgess cereal diner sales will be donated to The David Lynch Foundation.

Rock music, charity, and “Totes Amazeballs.” To think this whole idea came to life because of a single totes amazeballs tweet.


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