Facebook timeline, changing the game

By Meghan Crozier

As we all know, Facebook is a social media site which is constantly changing with the times, while increasing the level of interactivity and communication between people. This brings up a completely new question or concern and that is where does Facebook’s newest timeline feature leave businesses?

This past week they enabled the timeline feature for a brand’s Facebook page. When timelines initially came about, marketers were aware that pages were next. Businesses have the time to perfect their page before they officially launch it to the public on March 30th, enabling them to advertise the most important aspects of their brand in all the right places.

A very promising feature called milestone’s is becoming popular among pages, allowing a brand to highlight their story from the beginning: explaining how they got started, milestones, special events, and more. People now may be spending more time browsing through your actual page starting from the beginning! This gives brands a chance to introduce the most important aspects of themselves to consumers. Take a deeper look into Milestone here.


The timeline feature gives Facebook the chance to be more visually appealing and portray their brand identity using the space available. Not only does the cover photo give you more photo space, but now your stories are larger as well. When you post an image or a link, the space is much larger and gives a heavier focus to the visual. The most engaging and noticeable posts will be the ones with eye-catching pictures. What can brands do with the smaller profile picture? This is a great place for a logo, but that is probably all you can fit. A good tip: Save your design and creativity for the cover photo, and use your profile picture as the place where users identify your brand.


Another key feature of timeline that brands are excited about is pinning posts. If there is an important post that you want to remain visually available you can pin it, and it will remain at the top of your page.


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