Lacrosse Begins With A Bang

By Will Henry

Last Saturday at 1pm, the Lasell College Men’s Lacrosse team took to the field next to The Rockwell and Forest dormitory buildings. That field is known to the Lasell student population as Grieller Field and the Men’s lacrosse team was determined to walk off of it as the victors of their match against Nichols College. For this wasn’t just any ordinary Lacrosse game, this was the home opener game. The team knew that a victory over the rival team would start the season on a positive note and set a very positive tone for the rest of the season. Even though Nichols College is not a rival team from the GNAC Conference (Great Northeast Athletic Conference).

Lasell entered this game and season with great promise and showed how tough of a team they were through tough resilience and a fighting spirit by winning the game 10 to 7. Three of the Lasell lacrosse players, Jake LaMorte, Dylan Gray, and Lads Shaello-Johnson, all recorded two goals apiece throughout the four fifteen minute halves.

Lasell definitely faced uncertainty in the goalie position entering the game that weekend. Don Berube, who was given the opening day starter job in net, is new to Lacrosse Coach Tim Dunton’s system, who is in his first year as the head coach. Berube performed well in the first half by allowing only one goal. During the second half however, things almost turned ugly for Lasell. Nichols was somehow able to score five more goals up until the final eight minutes of the game where the Lasell defenders began playing lock down defense that they had shown glimpses of in the first half. The defense only allowed one goal from that point on.

With the first game under their belts, and an exciting one at that, the Lasell Men’s lacrosse team looks forward to the rest of their season. Planning to play and progress the way they did that same Saturday afternoon.


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