A Letter To My Roommate

Dear Roommate,

It seems like yesterday we were figuring out what building we were going to call home for our sophomore year. We were looking forward to calling each other roommates and sharing our college experiences. As I look back at these past six months together, I ask myself the question: why would you ever want to live with me?

I believe the most important part about sharing a room is being able to sleep when you have class in the morning. I think having a good night’s rest is quite difficult when I attempt to have conversation with you in my sleep. On top of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors heard me snoring. In addition, I tend to come back to the room at a late hour in the night. Most of the time, it involves waking you up with my stupidity (tripping over my shoes, letting the door slam, etc).

A big reason I was excited to room with you was because of your XBOX. You see, I don’t have the luxury of winning a war, scoring World Cup goals, or fighting in a zombie apocalypse at home. So essentially, I have to use you in order to fulfill my XBOX needs.

When we socialize, I tend to vent like a 14-year-old girl, as I go on for hours about relationships, class, and the meaning of life itself. Although I know you’re listening, I tend to get the feeling that you simply don’t care. Or perhaps you’re just waiting for me to shut up.

Although I’ve been a pain to live with, I like to believe we’ve shared some good times. I like the fact we’ve gotten along and haven’t had any major disputes. Another positive is we tend to have fun together. But I’ve especially enjoyed playing “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Michael Bolton right before bed.

So roommate, I thank you for dealing with me this year. I hope you’re willing to continue doing so the rest of the semester and the next two years.


Zachary Gray


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