Blue Man Group: The Review

By Amanda Tyler

On  February 25, 2012 I made my way into Boston to see the popular Blue Man Group. I heard a lot about them, but I had never actually seen them live. Honestly, I could say it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen.

I took my seat at the Charles Playhouse on Warrenton St., in Boston. I was the perfect distance from the stage. Everyone that had seats on the ground floor had to wear a plastic poncho. At first I remember thinking, “Wow they actually throw paint into the audience?” After the show started I realized that it was just a simple precaution so that the paint wouldn’t splatter on them accidentally.

The show consists of three men painted in a glossy blue paint and dressed in all black.  There was also a band of three that played great music that was a great addition to the performance in one of the first act they did, the 3 men painted in blue threw gumballs and marshmallows. One blue man threw the gumballs and marshmallows, another blue man caught the gumballs in his mouth and the last blue man caught the marshmallows in his mouth. The blue man who caught the gumballs made artwork. The gumballs were actually paint balls and the blue man blew the paint out of his mouth and made a really neat painting.

Blue Man Group

The rest of the show was just as amazing as that first act but I don’t want to give you everything, just in case you would like to see it. I would definitely recommend seeing the show at least once in your lifetime.  The group works so well together and puts on a great show. If you’ve seen the show what are your reactions? If you haven’t you can look into purchasing tickets here. Go See Blue Man Group.


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