CAB: Bringing Events to Lasell

By Cherai Mills

Lasell College works hard to bring fun events to campus that students will enjoy. Many of the clubs and organizations at Lasell are responsible for the events that happen throughout each semester. One of the biggest clubs on campus is the Campus Activities Board, CAB for short.

“The mission of CAB is to provide campus wide programming for the Lasell College community throughout the academic year. The organization is broken down into four committees to achieve this goal: Major Events, Movies, Music, and Bingo, Communications, and Community Development.”

Members attend bi-weekly meetings, spend one hour a week in the CAB office helping to plan and promote great programs, and help out before, during, and after sponsored events. Each year the members of the Lasell College Campus Activities Board work hard to bring events to campus that the students will hopefully enjoy. As a member since my freshman year and now being a senior, I truly enjoy having a voice in the events that occure on campus.

The Major Events committee is responsible for CAB’s three largest events of the year, Winter Weekend, Spring Carnival, Spring Fest Week and the Big Name Comedian. Students in this committee research novelty for Winter Weekend, Spring Carnival and come up with fun activities to do during the events. Not only this but they select from some big names in entertainment to bring to our campus

The Music, Movies, and Bingo committee is responsible for organizing one of our most popular events on campus: Bingo. They research a variety of bingo prizes as well as come up with possible themes for the event. Students also select and book entertainment for our music and pre-release movie series’ based on interests of the general population at Lasell. Also students select music and organize one of CAB’s newer events, The Singing Bee.

The Community Development committee is responsible for organizing and booking our lecturers as well as a variety of off campus day trips like Apple Picking, New York City, Newport Mansions, mall excursions, and more.

The Communications committee is responsible for a variety of things. Most importantly, they help promote the other committees’ events through creating posters, handouts, and coordinating the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They also design and order all apparel and giveaways.

Through these four committees, students on CAB are able to brainstorm; plan, and run a variety of events were students could participate such as trivia and open mic night. In addition to these events, CAB also brings a variety of performers to campus such as Sweet P from project runway, comedian and Last Comic Standing winner Dat Phan, and musician Jeer Coons.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments for the Lasell College Campus Activities Board or want to book with us, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, or email us at


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