Dog is back claiming the bounty

By Abbey Daniel-Green

Looking for something to do on Wednesday nights? Try watching Dog for a change, it is a show not to be missed. This month new episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter will return to A&E at 10 pm or 9 pm central. But why Dog? If you have never watched Dog the Bounty Hunter you are really in for a treat.

Coined the Greatest Bounty Hunter in the world Duane “the dog” Chapman owns Da Kine Bail Bonds in Hawaii. The show is an in-depth look into the world of the Chapman’s, a family of bounty hunters. Every episode Dog and his posse; his oldest son Duane Lee, his son Leland, his daughter Baby Lyssa and my personal favorite Dog’s wife Beth, fight and capture fugitives together.  The Chapman family also hunts fugitives in Colorado as well as Hawaii.

Dog the Bounty Hunter truly offers it all to the audience, with intense fugitive take downs to beautiful stories about the Chapman family.  For me the best part of show is how one minute Dog and his crew will be hard on the hunt for a fugitive and will do all they can to make their captures, but then the tables are always turned when Dog offers the fugitive a cigarette and a whole lot of compassion on the car ride to jail.  Dog is all about capturing then saving, for those who want to be saved. Dog told the A&E networks that, “I am what rehabilitation stands for.” In order to save fugitives Dog uses his past jail time in the Texas State Penitentiary, where he was an inmate for 18 months to help teach his fugitives that everyone can turn their lives around. Dog even has his own book titled Where mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given, telling the story of his life. Through his faith in God and the spirit of Aloha, Dog the Bounty Hunter is one of the heartwarming, realist and action packed show on TV right now.

So if you want a TV show with action, comedy, drama and lots of love, Dog the Bounty Hunter will make your night. And as the Dog would put it, Aloha and God Bless.


3 Comments on “Dog is back claiming the bounty”

  1. Jeff R says:

    I hope.Dog, Beth and Duane Lee bury the hatchet and be a family again. Being in a family is a tough job. The Chapmans have plenty.of money so if they can tone down the personalitys they will be ok. Long after the TV Cameras are gone and Dog is on reruns forever they will still be family. My family is dead, My Mom, Dad and little siser Gayle are all in a cemetary in Newton Lower Falls Ma. My Moms family is estranged from me over things done to my grandmothers will in the days after my Moms death. Money changes folks, it did my once close family. Now Im having financial issues with no place to turn. Ive thought of ending my life its that bad. Ive asked for help but nothing comes of it. When Im gone though Im sure the family will step out of the shadows and say I wish I knew he needed help. Sad how life is…….

    • carie says:

      Hey, hang in there honey. I know your struggles. You aren’t alone. There are many like us. Be strong, there is a good plan for your life. Things will get better for you. You will have a breakthrough. Life will surprise you give you your greatest dreams. God loves you and knows your every tear.

  2. carie says:

    Chapman family, Dog, Beth and all them cuties are awesome. I LOVE this family, Can’ t get enough of this show. I’d watch it 24/7 if it ran this long. This is the most refreshing reality show ever seen. Best show ever. Better than any show on TV right now.

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