Spend a Semester in D.C.

By Lindsey Jones

Interested in new experiences? Well look no further than the semester program at American University in Washington D.C. Lasell College is now offering this semester long program for willing students. This program is perfect for  students ready for new challenges and new surroundings. If you’re a student ready for an exciting semester in our nation’s capital, take the leap and apply for the program.

Located right in the center of our capital, American University is a hub of excitement. AU is a private, liberal arts college that enrolls over 6,000 students in their undergraduate class. The university is known for its political activism. Since 2006, the college has been recognized several times by Princeton Review for being the most politically active college. AU has a lot of opportunities to offer students.

The area is also another reason to think about enrolling in this semester program. Not only is Washington an interesting and historic place, it houses some fabulous restaurants and shopping areas. It is easy to say that if a student engages in this semester program they will not be bored or regret it in any way. If you’re a student interested in attending the program and want to know more about the university, you can visit the AU’s website.

College should be full of new experiences and memories, and this would be a great way to branch out. Not only will a student be learning a lot, they also have the opportunity to meet new people, make connections in a new place, and study somewhere new.  Applications were due March 1, 2012., but for more information contact Sarah Burrows through email at sburrows@lasell.edu.


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