The Real Story of The Vow

By Lindsey Jones

On February 10, 2012 the romantic film The Vow hit theaters everywhere. The film, staring A-listers Rachael McAdams and Channing Tatum, followed two newlyweds and their love story. A few months into their marriage, the character portrayed by McAdams suffers a brain injury, receiving memory loss, which leads her to forget her husband. The movie not only received the top spot at the box office its opening weekend, but has also shed a light on the true story the movie was based on.

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter’s life was transformed forever on November 23, 1993 after a devastating car accident. After receiving a massive head injury, Krickitt was left in a coma for several weeks. When she awoke, Krickitt had lost all memory of her husband. Kim persevered and was determined to stick by his wife through everything. “I’m no hero, I made a vow,” Kim said, about being a dedicated husband throughout his wife’s recovery.

The movie highlights the story of the couple, letting the audience peek into the romantic story of two lovers being disconnected by memory loss. Throughout the theater, sounds of sniffles could be heard by many movie goers, as they watched the story unfold, wondering what would happen next.

Along with the movie, there was a book adaption of the Carpenter’s story. The book has recently been updated with an extra chapter that includes more about the real story of the Carpenter’s and a photo insert showing pictures of the real Carpenter family.

The movie was very well received by critics, but is geared towards mostly to women. There were many tear jerking moments and many scenes were relatable to audiences by tackling family issues and personal struggles. There was some talk about the ending of the movie and how people were not satisfied with the way it was, but many other people believe that it ended fine. A freshman at Lasell College, Sarah Buckley says, “The ending of the movie leaves it up to interpretation, and really lets you imagine what happened between the couple. The movie keeps you on your toes the entire time, and you couldn’t really see how it was going to end, but overall I was happy with it.”

Before the credits began, audiences realize that the story is based off the real life experiences of the Capenter’s. It is then revealed the Krickitt Carpenter never regained her memory, but got remarried to her husband years later, after falling back in love once again. Their true life story highlights the strength of love, and the lengths some people will go to, to keep their love alive. The Vow is still in theatres, and would definitely be recommended by many people. Near Lasell College there are two theaters.

For more information about the movie, movie times, or locations you can visit Fandango or The Vow official website. 


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