The popularity of sports

By Justyn Loguidice

In the good old USA, the only two things that are certain are death and taxes. Quickly rising to this level is the populations’ fascination for sports. ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, the list goes on and on. These television channels are shelling out more than ever to broadcast the American love for sports.

In a culture where art and religion used to be so powerful and prevalent, it now seems overshadowed by what game is on. It is hard to visualize a world without art, religion and non athletic subjects, but a world without sports? Sports is the common conjoiner. When there is nothing really to talk about, lets talk about sports. When there is nothing on television, there is always sports. While sports are realistically so minute in the spectrum of the world and its issues, they are always at the forefront

Being an avid sports fan, I am loving every second of the sports craze. I eat drink and sleep sports. Coming from a Boston based family, it is part of my blood. I love always having a team to route and pull for, and the emotion train runs based on their successes. It’s certainly not easy to live and die by the throw of a ball of the shot of a puck, but the way this society works, this has become the social norm.

Overall, it is easy to say that sports are pointless and that ultimately life goes on with or without them, but for a large majority of the population, this is simply not the case. Thousands of families livelihood can be directly connotated with the sporting industry. Whether it be the television companies paying the millions and in some cases billions of dollars simply to broadcast their events, or the thousands upon thousands of jobs created based off of sports, they certainly have their advantage.

In retrospect, I understand that there are more important things in life than your favorite team, but the fun and entertainment values that surround a sport are something unmatched, and as long as I am around the sound I want to hear is “play ball”.


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