A local CEO stops by Lasell

By Anthony Liberatore

On Tuesday, March 6th, Chuck Murphy, the CEO of a local interactive marketing agency, Boston Interactive, stopped by the Lasell College campus.  The event took place in Yamawaki Auditorium and was hosted by the college’s Marketing and Management Department, along with the marketing & management club.  The event lasted about an hour and a half and was a great success.

Mr. Murphy gave a very interactive, yet simple, presentation about his company that covered various interesting topics.  The presentation was broken down in to four pieces: discovery, user experience, design, development.

Discovery has to do with how Boston Interactive first engages with a potential client.  According to Mr. Murphy, “projects always start with a kick-off meeting.”  This “kick-off meeting” is conducted so that Boston Interactive knows exactly what their client wants to get from the agency.

User experience 
User experience is all about the agency trying to fully understand how a client’s consumer base acts and what they expect to see from a company’s marketing related media, whether digital or print.  At this point in time a lot of competitive research is also conducted to understand why consumers may choose a competitor’s product or service, as opposed to their client’s.

Once Boston Interactive understands both their client’s needs and the needs of their consumers, they start designing.  No matter what form of campaign the company is designing, they always show their clients multiple concepts for the material.  The clients make a selection, usually providing further suggestions.

Lastly, the agency’s developers bring all digital concepts to life. According to Mr. Murphy, “You could call our developers magicians.”  The agency uses another company for the production of print materials.  Once everything is produced and developed, it’s delivered to the client for their final review.  At the end of this stage the client is given all of the materials requested.   At this point, all of the digital projects, online and mobile, go live.

After Mr. Murphy talked about how his company does business, he briefly spoke about working in the marketing industry.  He described the differences between working in an in-house marketing department vs. an external agency.  The importance of internships was talked about in great detail as well.

On the way out I spoke with one of the attendees, Amy Alessi, “I thought it was great.  He spoke for almost 45 minutes and I was engaged the whole time.”


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