March Madness ’12

By Stephen Brennan

With the greatest sporting event in the world rapidly approaching, Lasell students are getting ready to watch their favorite NCAA Men’s basketball teams battle in the NCAA Tournament. This March 11th, the selection committee chose a group of 68 teams that have earned their way into the big dance.  There are four regions in the tournament and each region has a designated seeding between numbers 1 and 16. The winner of each region meet in what is called the final four, which is taking place in New Orleans.

March Madness is the most televised and most watched college basketball event of the year. It began in March with all of the conference tournaments taking place. There are 31 conference tournaments, the only conference that does not hold a tournament is the Ivy League in which they give their bid to whoever wins the regular season tournament. There are 32 automatic bids given out to the NCAA tournament and then the committee grants 36 at large bids to the other teams who did not win their conference tournament.

This time of year gets everybody riled up and excited to be watching their favorite teams compete in the ultimate tournament in college basketball. From around this area there would be a lot of UConn fans and a local fan favorite with Harvard. Making only their second tournament appearance and their first one since 1952. Defending champion UConn comes into the tournament with an off year in the Big East and an off year in total. They did not play up to potential but they are going to do prove how good they are once they get into the tournament.

Lasell should be booming once we come back from spring break in tournament excitement and I know the night of the national championship will be crazy.


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