Spring Break: Finally a Time to Relax!

By Alyssa Lajoie

It’s about that time again, when college students are finally getting a break from the crazy stressful semester they’ve been having.  Some students are going somewhere warm and tropical, while others are staying home. Either way this week is meant for relaxation.  It’s time to de-stress!

Over spring break there are many things that you can do to try and take your stress level down a few notches.

Get some sleep!

It’s very obvious that while living at college, with the huge load of work, students have sleep is not something that you can come by easily.  A vacation like this is meant for you to catch up on that lack of sleep.  Go to bed early! Wake up at noon! Do whatever you have to do to get those extra hours of beauty rest!

Get outside!

It’s called spring break for a reason! Take advantage of the changing, warmer, weather and get outside for a bit.  Gather some friends and plan a pick up game of some sort.  Take a walk outside.  Just get some fresh air!

Indulge in something relaxing!

Get a massage!  Take the extra time you have to hit up the spa.  Get a quick massage or mani, pedi (yes, guys, you can do this too)  It’ll release the stress that has been building up and you’ll feel even better afterward.

There are plenty of cheap and easier things you can do over spring break to make yourself feel better.  Organize your things so you’re ready for the rest of the semester once you return to school.  Get in touch with some of your friends and hang out for a bit.  Catch a movie!  Just do something fun!  This week is meant to be for you, not anything else!


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