The Hunger Games: bigger than twilight?


By Lindsey Jones


The Hunger Games is a novel written by Suzanne Collins, which is geared to the young adult audience. The book was published in September of 2008, but has just reached the peak of its fame. The novel is based on a post-apocalyptic world,  and how the citizens living in Panem  live and survive. The book has been since adapted into a film, and is set to release March 23, 2012. With the mass amount of hype surrounding this movie, people are starting to wonder if this soon to be blockbuster will beat out the teen favorite Twilight.

The Twilight series got its raise to fame in 2008 with the first film adaption hitting theaters. Fans quickly flocked to cinemas, making it an instant hit. The movie grossed over $37 million dollars on its opening day alone. The buzz and popularity only raised as more film adaptations hit theaters. The sequels broke many records. First, the movie broke the biggest advance movie ticket seller, and still holds the record today. The third film broke the record for most tickets sold its opening weekend, making the most money at the box office than ever before. With records like these to live up to, is it likely that the soon to be blockbuster will beat and surpass this vampire series?

The Hunger Games has a cast of teen heartthrobs that attract fans on that aspect alone. Up and coming actor Liam Helmsworth plays one of the male leads. The teen actor has been in other movies such as The Last Song, along side current girlfriend Miley Cyrus, and has gained a steady fan base. Josh Hutcherson is also another male lead. Hutcherson has acted in many projects since his youth, but this role will be a defining one for him and his career. With these two attracting the teen girl fan base, The Hunger Games already has a large group of followers

There has also been a steady amount of hype revolving around the movie itself. Months leading up to the film being released, movie posters, advertisements, teaser trailers and merchandise was released to endorse the film. Also, bookstores have been featuring the book on displays, causing more of a buzz.

Film adaptations have been increasingly popular over the last ten years. People have always been adapting books into movies, but certainly with the introduction of Twilight and The Hunger Games, film adaptations have become more popular. It is clear that The Hunger Games will be an instant hit. The cast of the movie has been traveling the U.S. on a press tour, and many fans have come out and shown support, reassuring the fact that this movie will be very popular. Also, the books are a series, showing that the film will keep getting more successful. For more information on The Hunger Games, you can visit their website here.


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