Free agency frenzy


By Justyn Loguidice

The time of the year has come for free agency in the NFL. This is a crazy time for the die hard football fan. Getting ESPN texts minute after minute, seeing breaking news pop up on the tv screen, the free agency frenzy has certainly begun. All 32 teams are now turning the page from last season, and this is the first step into the new football year. Let the money fly away.

The craziness began this week when Saints wide receiver re-signed with his team for a 5 year deal. The next day, this was outdone by one of the leagues top wide receivers, Calvin Johnson. Johnson, whose is known to football fans as “Megatron” recently signed the richest deal in NFL history.For the next 7 years, Megatron will continue to play for the Detroit Lions. Now Detroit is still in rough shape from the economy, but don’t tell that to Calvin. His contract will pay him $132 million dollars over 7 years. In mathematical terms, this equals over $1.2 million dollars for every game scheduled to play.

The free agent frenzy to the average sports fan is mundane, but taking all things into perspective, there are many interesting things to come from it. This is the time where players resemble the Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Mcguire. “Show me the money”, this is what it is about to players these days. Take into perspective that as this blog is being posted NFL teams have up to $120 million dollars to dish out. Take that number multiplied by all 32 teams, and we are talking $3,84 billion dollars that can be dished out. Talk about big business.

While sports are supposed to be entertainment and fun for all, they are an enormous revenue stream. Signing player after player, dipping into your checkbook to write the futures of so many, just another day in the NFL.


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