A productive spring break

By Anthony Liberatore

Some college students get the luxury of traveling to exotic locations during spring break, but I don’t.  I have never really gone away for spring break, but I usually do take it easy and enjoy spending some time with friends from back home.  That being said, for some reason Lasell College’s spring break this year happens to be a week earlier than a lot of the other schools in the area, especially state schools, such as UMass Amherst and UMass Dartmouth.  These two schools also happen to be where a majority of my friends attend college.

Due to my lack of willingness to travel to the farm-like towns of Amherst and Dartmouth Ma. and the fact that I have a ridiculous amount of work that needs to get done, I’ve decided to have my version of a productive spring break.  What do I mean by a productive spring break?  Well, I’m basically using the week to get ahead on all the work that I need to complete so that I can officially graduate from Lasell College on May 13.

Beyond simply getting work accomplished, I’m also devoting a lot of time to, what seems like, the never ending job hunt.  My goal is to be working for an advertising firm by the end of the summer, which to me seems pretty reasonable.  Advertising firms always seem to be difficult to communicate with, as they constantly get bombarded with e-mails from prospective college grads.  This has forced me to think outside the box a little bit, conduct some research, and try to approach agencies in more of a creative fashion.

When I’m not doing work or contacting potential employers, I do find the time to have some fun.  Although very few of my hometown friends are around, some do happen to have spring break during this week.  It will be nice to just relax and spend time with some friends I haven’t seen in quite some time.  St. Patrick’s Day is also this weekend, so a trip into Boston to experience the festivities is not out of the question.

Overall, I’m pleased with the way my spring break has gone so far.  I’ve saved myself a lot of money by not traveling and I have been able to get a lot of work done.


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