A List Actor Arrested

By Lindsey Jones

Actor and humanitarian George Clooney was arrested today, March 16, 2012, outside the Sudan Embassy in Washington D.C. Along with Clooney, many other protesters were arrested as well. His arrest came after the protest of the country’s blockage of food and aid. Along with Clooney  was his father Nick Clooney and Martin Luther King III, that were arrested as well.

The basis of the protest was for fair treatment for the people of Sudan. They were being blocked from food, aid, and treatment for the people living there. Clooney, being a long term activist and passionate about this cause, spoke before the crowd at the embassy. “The Sudanese government in Khartoum to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. Stop raping them, and stop starving them.” Clooney said as he spoke to other activists.

The embassy was private property, which the protesters were aware of, so they were not surprised when they were arrested. Protesters were warned by police three times before any arrests occurred. When being placed under arrest, Clooney and his father were cuffed, and then placed in a secret service van where they were then taken away.

Clooney, an influential and A list actor, has been a committed activist for many years now. Clooney has been involved in many different organizations as well as being passionate in helping countries like Darfur. Clooney’s father Nick Clooney is also a passionate activist. Being a journalist for several years, Clooney has had a chance to get involved in many organizations such as Save Darfur.

This arrest is causing a lot of media buzz after the story originally hit. No further details have been released about Clooney and his father and where they are now. Clooney has been doing many interviews this week, talking about the problems in Sudan, trying to get more media coverage on the issue


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