Bye Bye Newbury Street J.P. Licks

Newbury St. Location

By Cherai Mills

On Sunday March 10, 2012 the J.P. Licks on Newbury Street closed for the last time after 20 years. The building were the store was located was bought by a new owner who wanted to rent the entire building to one tenant rather than having a retail shop on the first floor and offices above. In a phone interview with Boston.Com owner Vince Petryk said, “There was no way we could sell enough ice cream to pay that rent.”

Vince Petryk opened the first J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts in 1981 at the age of 26 after working several jobs in the food industry. As a graduate of Temple University with a degree in psychology owning an ice cream shop was not his first choice of career. When talking about how the business got started Petryk said,

“My first job as a college graduate was as a dishwasher at Hillary’s Homemade Ice Cream, next door to where I lived in center city Philadelphia. Though I figured the job would be a temporary one just to pay the bills, I worked my way up the ladder to being a scooper, then ice cream maker, and finally the manager of the shop. While at Hillary’s, I witnessed daily the power and magic of ice cream. I realized that ice cream connects you to some of the fondest memories of your childhood . . . the love you received from your parents and the happiness of times spent with family and friends. I knew what I was really serving wasn’t just a treat; it was love in a cone. I became a man on a mission . . . a mission to make really good, scratch recipe ice cream and to serve my customers well.”

To read the full story of how the business got started click here.

As soon as the news spread of the closing people were wonder what would take its place and what would be the future of Newbury Street. In recent years, many shops that had operated for many years on Newbury Street have since gone away and new, more hip shops have taken their places on Newbury Street. People who have been customers at the Newbury Street location are saddened by this loss. But you can still enjoy J.P. Licks at one of it’s other location including the original in Jamaica Plain and the newest location on Charles Street in Boston coming this April. For a complete list of J.P. Licks locations click here.

For more information on the store closing click here.


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