Cooking show of epic proportions

By Zachary Gray

Cooking shows have always been about creating dishes that’ll taste delicious, look appealing, and impress friends & family. Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, and Anthony Bourdain are a few of the celebrity chefs who strive to create impressive culinary creations. There’s a group of “celebrity chefs” who also strive to create impressive meals, but their creations would probably make Julia Child roll in her grave. Take a group of bacon-loving Canadians, mix in some a lot of alcohol, add the internet, and you get Epic Meal Time.

Making dreams come true, then eating them

Since 2010, Epic Meal Time has posted videos every Tuesday on their YouTube Channel. Each video is an abomination of a cooking show, as massive amounts of meat are used to create giant burgers, pizzas, or lasagnas. In some cases, it’s unknown what exactly has been created from the array of meats. Regardless if the meal is dessert, cake, barbecue, or chili, everything must have bacon. Many of the meals contain large amounts of Jack Daniels, various cuts of meat including lamb heads, and absolutely no vegetables (as EMT creator Harley Morenstein puts it, “carrots are for ugly people”). The video that lifted EMT above other YouTube channels was their 2010 Thanksgiving special. The EMT crew created their own version of a turducken with the TurBaconEpic:

Epic Meal Time is hosted by Harley Morenstein, a former high school substitute teacher from Montreal, Canada. Along with Morenstein, Epic Meal Time feautres Alex Perrault (aka Muscles Glasses), David Heuff, Tyler Lemco, Josh Elkin, and Ameer Atari.

Morenstein (top) with, from left to right, Perrault, Lemco, Heuff, and Elkin.

Along with the YouTube channel, Epic Meal Time has its own website, online store, and Twitter handle. Each cast member also has their own Twitter handle as well. High definition podcasts of the meals are also available on iTunes.


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