Graduation approaching, post-grad planning

By Meghan Crozier

Has senioritis been weighing you down for months, until one moment you realize you don’t want it to end? May 13th is quickly approaching and the 2012 seniors of Lasell College are finding themselves avid stalkers. This is the time to begin your career search, perfect your resume’s for applications and start to think about the idea of post-grad living situations. There is a lot of pressure on seniors at this time of year, as they try to finish up their semester in one piece, excelling in school and in their internships as this is the last bit of schooling many of us will ever receive.

The question remains, where do we go now? There are many options at Lasell College for ways to discover future career plans.  You can start by spending a lot of time at Career Services on campus! The Office of Career Services is dedicated to assisting students in exploring career and academic major options, as well as supporting students in seeking full-time and part-time employment. Students are able to participate in workshops and/or meet individually with a Career Counselor to: clarify career goals, complete and interpret career-related assessements, develop a resume, practice networing techniques, prepare for interviews, apply to graduate programs, and foster successful job search strategies.

There is also a job fair on Wednesday April 4th, from 1pm to 4pm in the Rondileau Campus Center hosted by Bridgewater State University that seniors should take extreme advantage of as this may be the last chance to attend one on campus.

“The annual Job Fair is a great way for employers and students to meet and discuss full-time, professional-level opportunities available in Massachusetts and/or Rhode Island.

The annual Job Fair at Bridgewater State University is open to approximately 60 organizations. We base our selection for participation in the Job Fair to employers who are recruiting for positions across disciplines in their organizations, and those employers who our current seniors indicate a preference for through surveys and feedback from previous fairs. We do not allow third party recruiters to participate in this event.”

Take into account all of your options as the semester comes to a close and make as many connections as possible in the professional world using the networking tools you have made throughout your time at Lasell College. Alumni and Faculty will be eager to help you advance in the professional world, do not be hesitant to ask them for a reference, it will make a difference. Be sure to create and perfect your personal brand online and show it off! What do you have to lose?


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