Spring Break Synchronization

By Stephen Brennan

When you are growing up your some of your best friends for life are the people who you spend the most time with. The kids that you go to high school and do so many different activities with for most of your childhood. So what happens then, when everybody goes to college. Well, you hope to spend some time together with your old friends during winter break because you have not seen most of your friends in months since we all left for college.

But, what happens when spring break rolls around. For some kids, they go with their college friends and go down to Florida or other exotic islands for a week to hang out and drink with their friends and other college students. But, the one problem is that none of the spring break’s around the country are synchronized together. For example, Lasell College had spring break this week, while 3 of my closest friends from back home do not have break until next week and then the week after.

I think all students would be happier if they would all share the same spring break and be able to hang out with their college friends and their closest friends from back home. Being able to combine these friendships would benefit each student greatly being able to expand to different colleges around the country. Plus, the more kids that you go on a big trip with, the cheaper the trip is.

So, I believe that the only plausible solution to this problem would be to have a giant convention where all of the colleges met with each other and discussed what week would work for all of them to let their students out on spring break. This would make everyone happier and allow them to bring the best of their college life together with the best of their hometown life.


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