Welcome to the next generation iPad

Apple Logo

By Amanda Tyler

Last Thursday, March 8, Apple introduced the new iPad. New features on the iPad include retina display, an upgraded performance chip, the iSight camera; it’s 4G LTE compatible, a new cover and new apps to help you in your every day life.

The new iPad has retina display, which makes everything on the screen “lifelike and perfectly detailed”.  The display on the new iPad has been upgraded to feature 2048 by 15.36 resolution and 3.1 million more pixels in the same dimensions of the iPad2. Apple stated, “That’s four more times the number of pixels in the iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV.”

Apple also inserted a new, A5X pixel-perfect, performance chip to increase the strength of the battery, increase graphics in games and apps and to make the touch screen more accurate to the touch. With the retina display, it was important to Apple to keep the iPad with the same great length in battery life.

The iPad also has a new cover that, like the Mac Book Pro collection, is magnetic to cling to the black border of the screen to protect it when you’re on the go from scratches, as well as using it for a stand when typing or FaceTiming friends and family. They come in many different colors so it can be personalized easily.

iPad Stand

The third generation iPad has many new features, but the most relevant is the retina display. The screen, as well as the camera, display chip and graphics have all been enhanced because of the retina display.

The iPad went on sale on Friday, March 16th, and can be bought online from the Apple Store.

Take a look at all the new and advanced features of the next generation iPad and view the commercial to answer any more questions you may have.


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